Naunton Park Pre-School

Exterior of Naunton Park Pre-school Playgroup

Welcome to Naunton Park Pre-School Playgroup!  We are a non-profit, community playgroup overseen by a committee of volunteers.

The playgroup has been operating within Naunton Park Primary School since 1984. We provide high-quality Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) education and a welcoming, creative environment. Although independent of the primary school, we benefit from extremely close links, which help our children with their transition to school.

Watch our video to find out more about the playgroup and how the children spend their time:

Our sessions

We are open Monday to Friday, term time only. We run two separate sets of sessions for different age groups:

Pre-school sessions: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9am to 3.30pm. These are for children who will have their 4th birthday in that school year.

Pre-pre-school sessions: Mondays and Wednesdays from 9am to 3pm. These are for children aged from 2 years and 9 months (although younger children may be offered places depending on demand, so please get in touch).

Both include a one-hour lunch club from 12noon to 1pm. Children must provide their own lunch and there is an additional charge for this hour.

Those attending Pre-pre school sessions will be the first to be offered spaces in Pre-school.

Please get in touch for enrolment enquiries.


The playgroup has a dedicated building within the school grounds, which consists of a general playroom, separate art & craft area, kitchenette and cloakroom. Outside, the playgroup has its own garden and a large section of playground. We have a generous store of age-appropriate bikes, trikes etc and other outdoor toys.

What do parents think of Pre-School?*

  • 100% of parents are happy with the provision of care at Naunton Park Pre-School.
  • 100% of parents say their child experiences a range of creative and exciting activities.

What do parents think are the main strengths of the Pre-School?

“The lovely, caring staff, who nurture my child.”

“The staff are fantastic and the themed activities planned for the children have been brilliant. [Child] is always engaged and this is down to the creativity of the team.”

“Liaison with Naunton Park school is great for school preparation and a key strength. Children will be familiar with other children starting school. A nurturing and caring environment and staff members.”

“There’s a sense of freedom given to the children and a feeling of independence nurtured.”

*Feedback taken from our 2023 parent evaluation survey.